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Yasam Ayavefe

CEO - Milaya Capital Ltd

Yasam Ayavefe embarked on his professional journey at a young age, venturing into telecommunications programming and cybersecurity in Turkey and Cyprus. This pivotal decision would shape the course of his career. By leveraging his understanding of products and services within specific industries and adapting his knowledge to align with global developments, Ayavefe swiftly realized the significance of his chosen path. Building upon his early achievements, he made strategic investments in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, and the Balkans, continuously expanding his success.


Ayavefe assumes the role of Chairman at Milaya and holds the position of CEO at Oxotech, MNM Holdings LTD, Pinoroza, and Nevzat Barcin. These enterprises span various sectors, including blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, communications, construction, and import-export. Preceding his involvement with these companies, he served as CEO of Ayavefe LTD and Delsim Communications while acting as a partner provider for a telecom company based in the UK and Spain.


Ayavefe demonstrates a profound understanding of specific markets, evident in his portfolio, which features prosperous investments in the technology sector. This expertise has garnered significant attention, leading to numerous requests for his professional insights from various media outlets and individuals. Furthermore, his career trajectory reflects a keen awareness of broader industry trends. Recognizing the ripple effects of geopolitical tensions and trade disputes, such as those between China and the United States, Ayavefe remains vigilant in preparing for the subsequent impact on investments, effectively safeguarding bottom lines.


Professional qualifications and experience showcase Dr. Ayavefe's exceptional knowledge, education, and interpersonal skills. He thirsts for lifelong learning, excelling in international relations, real estate, blockchain technology, and textiles. Above all, he is a visionary leader who relies on his core family values to navigate his path. With a clear vision, Ayavefe charts the course to achieve his goals.

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